Believe It or Not, The Food That We Eat Will Affect Our Sex Lives

“Strawberries - Excellent choice”

“Strawberries – Excellent choice”

When you visit your doctor next time, I would like you to ask him/her this question and I quote,” How best can I improve my sex life?” Honestly, I can confidently assure you that the best answer that you will get is, ”By eating good food”. Yes! That is definitely the response that you will get. To set the foundation of my arguments, I will begin by saying that, according to researches that have been conducted, it has been established that a man who is overweight has low levels of testosterone. What does this mean? It means that such individuals are more likely to experience erection problems. This definitely gives us a hint that we should watch what we eat if we want great sex.
Just like several other aspects of our bodies, it is important to understand that what we put into our bodies will determine our sex drives. Food affects the way the body functions in several ways. Depending on what we eat dining and wining a date can either induce great sex or a poor experience. This simply means that we should be cautious on what we eat if we should enjoy sex. You may go out with your lover, take some fine chocolates expecting to have great sex experiences in the night but to your surprise, you never enjoy. What could be the reason for that? Definitely, maybe the chocolates are just but empty calories.

“Dark Chocolate is a good idea”

“Dark Chocolate is a good idea”

The first and the foremost consideration while selecting food to eat is that we should choose food that will boost the flow of blood i.e. the circulation-promoting dishes. On the other hand, the emphasis is on those foods that boost the nervous system. In fact some scholars argue that sex is dependent on circularity. When there is an improved circulatory system, definitely the erectile response will be enhanced.

Human beings have tirelessly sought to improve their sex lives. Honestly, a good number of us are willing to spend millions in order to improve the sex lives. This has led to the development of certain products that are speculated to improve sex. What surprises a lot is that people are willing to purchase these expensive items without considering the fact that if only they will watch on what they eat, their sex performance will definitely improve without spending any dime. In the event of my research, I was surprised to find that Americans spend billions of dollars just to treat their male sex disorders. According to a report that was published, in the year 2005 alone, the Americans spent a whopping $1.4 billion for the disorder. As you can see, male sexual dysfunctional disorders should never be granted. On the contrary, we need not spend billions to treat it since we have a free treatment at our disposal – food.
Food offers long term solutions. This is in contrary to most products like pills which offer short term benefits. Remember that we should always eat healthy food since not all foods are safe!

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How Safe Is Real Estate Investment?

Investing in real estate has been one of the top ranking favorites among those who are seeking future security. Because of its tangibility, many investors are confident about the return of their investments in the long run. But, is it really a security?

What is real estate?

“Understanding Real estate”

“Understanding Real estate”

By definition, real estate is a piece of land with or without structures on it. If you buy a piece of it, everything that is within the perimeter is included. This may be a structure, crops and even bodies of water that intersect your real estate property. It can be passed on to your children and to your children’s children. It is a valuable investment because the value appreciates through the years.

What is security?

In an investor’s point of view, security means anything that has legal papers issued by a company, government or significant others stating that you hold a claim over a contract, insurance, properties like money bonds and real estate which you can use for a long time. It can also be defined as collateral on loans.

What are the types of real estate investors?

“Get a good real estate agent”

“Get a good real estate agent”

Investing in real estate has three different approaches:
1. Speculator approach. The investor buys a property and waits until the time will come that the value of the property doubles or triples before he sell at a higher price. This practice takes a lot of patience in the part of the investor. The return of investment is so slow.

2. Landlord approach. The investor builds a structure on his property. This can also mean buying a property with existing structures like house, duplex or building which the investor opens for rent. His profit comes from the rental of monthly interval.
3. Passive method. This method is so far, the strongest because this is not affected by the movement of the stock market. Instead of buying a real estate directly with your money, you have to lend your money to others. As the borrower is paying you, the interest of the paid amount goes to the real estate property that you have chosen. The advantage of this is that you set the rules yourself. And, you can get your security after the first mortgage is released.

How safe is a real estate investment?

Investing in the real estate is a tangible investment. It is so hard to defraud. Your only participation to that is to hold valid papers. You can inspect it and go around it to look for miscalculations. With stocks, only the agent plays the stock market. All you are given are the reports. Real estate debts are also transparently restructured when you can no longer pay the original terms. Not to mention, the high inflation rate that comes to real estate yearly.

Safety and security of your future rely on how you handle your money today. Investing in real estate is a safe choice. It has a low risk of fraud and can appreciate its value as time goes on.

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How To Get Your Boss To Love You Instantly

Ambition is not enough to get you going in the corporate ladder. Fostering good relationships with your co-workers as well as your boss is a fundamental rule in business.

“Maintaining good relations at work”

“Maintaining good relations at work”

In the long run, good relationship allow synergy within the team increasing productivity. You don’t have to suck up to your boss to get his attention. Instead, maintain a good relationship with him and earn his respect.

Managing Up

“Don’t gossip at work”

“Don’t gossip at work”

One rule you must always keep in mind is to never bad mouth your boss to others. Gossip has a way of reaching its intended victim and this will spell trouble for you in the long run. Whatever may be your boss’s shortcomings, show some loyalty and earn not only the respect of your boss but also the respect of your teammates.
In an ideal world, everything would be perfect. Your boss is the quintessential leader with all the answers and knows the best thing to do in every situation. He keeps his cool under pressure, settles office conflict while asking about how your 5 year old is doing in his kindergarten class.
In real life, your boss can be far from ideal and may sometimes even be the source of the problem. Instead of engaging in a useless power struggle with your boss, understand that your boss has the power to direct your activities. Accept his peculiarities. Find out his management style and always try to make him look good. Working to increase your influence with him will yield better results.

Setting the stage

After getting to identify your boss’s habits and eccentricities, building a working relationship with him is the next step in winning his esteem. Here are a few tips on how to get this respect:
1. Learn the art of timing. – Put yourself in your boss’s shoes. The bad news about this tidbit is, it may take some time before you practically get things right. Learn how to identify problems before they even start. Be proactive but be sensitive to protocol. Know your boss’s biggest issues and solve them. The good news is, once you learn the art of timing, you can practically make yourself an invaluable asset to your boss while strengthening your relationship with him.
2. Be committed and loyal. – Commitment and loyalty instill trust – a quality that many managers look for in their subordinates.
Once you have established that you can be trusted, you will be tasked to handle challenging assignments that will allow you to express your creativity and potential. This creates the opportunity for you to be recognized as a potential candidate for a higher position with your boss all too willing to endorse you because of his experience with you.

3. Become an expert in your field and don’t hesitate to teach others.- Becoming an expert in your field allows you to be able to troubleshoot possible problems that your boss may face in connection with the work your department is handling.
Teaching others how to deal with potential problems empowers your office and increases productivity. Few people are willing to teach others how to improve in the workplace. Mentoring younger and inexperienced staff is actually a great way to network. It establishes you as an authority and an invaluable asset to your company.

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